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Definitive solutions from 100% synthetic waste

Everyone talks about environmental protection ‐ we practice it and reduce the CO2 emissions

About us: Reluma International GmbH - constant development for the environmentally conscious use of recycled plastics

The journey from the idea to product

Reluma was founded in 1995, in Saxony, based on the idea of environmentally conscious use of recycled materials, and started its activity with the processing of recycled plastics.

The company's products and manufacturing processes have been constantly optimized since its then, leading to the development of highly reliable products made 100% from recycled plastics.

Expansion of the manufacturing and products’ range

The initial products were mainly palisades, benches, tables and other products for gardening and landscaping.

1997 marked the beginning of the development and production of profiles for hydraulic engineering. The first plant for the production of long profiles was completed. This first pile profile has been developed with similar ramming capabilities as the wooden poles. The first pile driving test using this profile (with more than 1,000 posts), the construction of a noise barrier, had very promising results.

The expansion of the product profile range and the expansion of application areas resulted in a product range that goes beyond the possibilities of the existing recycling companies. These products are the perfect alternative to the known materials for hydraulic engineering, landscaping, building construction and civil engineering.

Recycling loop

Reorganization in 2011 and new developments

The companies Reluma International GmbH and Reluma Production GmbH were founded in 2011. Leaded by the new management staff with over 20 years’ experience in the waste management, waste disposal and plastics industry, these firms have commenced their business operation with the production of Relumat2000™ products.

The SK Kunststoff GmbH was integrated into the Reluma group at the beginning of 2013; since that date, the Reluma International GmbH distributes products of SK Kunststoff (snow marks, spacers, etc.) made from recycled plastics.

The product range of Relumat2000™profiles now ranges from simple bridge boards for the patio area to railroad ties, which have been successfully tested and put into operation by the Dresden transport companies.

Our goals and our drive

The mission of the Reluma group is to create meaningful utilization possibilities of our plastic waste, so that our descendants will still be able to enjoy our beautiful planet.


Company headquarters Großrückerswalde

Company headquarters Großrückerswalde



Shipping & Logistics

Shipping & Logistics




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